Sebastian Camens
A Seattle based, multi-disciplinary artist and designer. In his free time you’d see him catching the latest movies, playing video games, or working on his computer music. His music has been mentioned in The Wire. He is currently learning Blender and Unity.

[email protected]

Available recordings:
Tan Object, album, CD and digital, Conditional. July 21, 2017
Slant Deviations, split w/ Calum Gunn, cassette and digital, Conditional. October 23, 2015

Upcoming performances:
March 22, 2020: EulerRoom Equinox


Selected previous performances:
Dec 7, 2019: In Situ, Moon Palace, Minneapolis
Nov 7, 2019: Gallery 1412, Seattle
Aug 23, 2019: Patchwerks, Seattle
May 11, 2019: 3577 Studios, Pittsburgh
May 4, 2019: Gallery 1412, Seattle
March 26, 2019: Timbre Room, Seattle
March 23, 2019: Algorithmic Art Assembly, Gray Area, San Francisco. + kind words by Tom Hall
March 15, 2018: Algosix
Sep 8, 2017: forestlimit, Japan w/ Taiki Niimi, Tadashi Usami, moxus, Naoki Nomoto, hexler

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Walk cycle, character design and rig.

3D scene to accompany online music performance. This animated scene was created to embody as a visual representation of Camens' music. Depicting a futuristic virtual space, that represents a somehwat not too distant, dystopian future. The scene was built using Blender, textured in Substance Painter, and animated in Unreal Engine 4.

Layout and design for {arsonist}'s press sheet.

Web development for Orchestra. Orchestra is a design practice that focuses on the design and fabrication of meaningful objects that enrich everyday life.

Animated 3D eniroment was created to accompany music performance.

3D particle simulation was used to create this abstract art piece. Colliding a metal like texture with a soft and smooth texture to induce a sense of tension between the elements. A short animation was made to accompany this piece, using camera movements to showcase the details in the art piece.

Robot was made to showcase 3D modeling, texturing and lighting ability. Image compositing was used to add ambient occlusion to highlight details.

3D packaging design and animation for a hypothetical brand to demonstrate the ability to incorporate graphics on a 3D object. Covering modeling, lighting, texturing, and animation.

Poster and postcard design for the Mushroom Maynia at the PNA event. Worked on the layout, type and illustration for the poster/postcard.